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Upper Dart

Upper Dart (Year 4, 5 & 6)
Mrs Lucy Carr Mrs Paula Reynolds


Newsletter Autumn 2018


Upper Dart Homework 12th May

Upper Dart Homework 5th May

Upper Dart Homework & Spellings 28th April

Upper Dart Homework & Spellings 21st April

Summer Term Newsletter

News w/c 13th May

To celebrate Outdoor Learning Day we have practically put our knowledge of Rube Goldberg's five simple machines into action.  The children's challenge was to make a machine that started an action one side of the playground to the other.  The children used incline planes, pulleys, levers and springs to project things through the air.  A great time was had by all.











News w/c 8th May

This week in topic we have been looking at Rube Goldberg’s five different simple machines and been trying out our own levers, pullies and inclined planes, ready for our topic day next week where we plan to make a giant Rube Goldberg machine and marble run on the playground.  Be sure to have a look at the results next week.


News w/c 18th April

We have started off  our new topic 'Chain Reaction Contraptions', with a bang this week... We have been studying Rube Goldberg machines and have had  a go at designing our own machines using some really imaginative levers, pulleys and inclined planes.

We have also being looking at the video art 'The Way Things go' by Fischli and Weiss and having a go at some balances inspired by their 'Equilibres' installations. The aforementioned bang being when they all fell down and hit the floor!


Upper Dart Homework & Spellings 24th March

News w/c 13th March

This week we had an Egyptian art and craft day. during the morning we practised our mummification skills out on teddy bears we brought in from home. We then made a sarcophagus for our mummified grizzlies and decorated them with jewels and hieroglyphics. in the afternoon we had a problem solving task, to make a pyramid, this proved to be a lot more difficult than we had initially though it would be! 



News w/c 27th February

Well what a busy week we have had! Firstly a massive congratulations is in order for the  superb dance performance given by the children at the Body Language Festival on Tuesday as well as the Boys dance project performances this week.

Moreover, Upper Dart were very creative and inventive in their World Book Day costumes on Thursday - we had a lot of homemade creations and the children were very enthusiastic and put a great deal of effort into designing and making clothes and props. I am an extremely proud teacher this week. Well done guys!

News w/c 20th February

A big thank you to all the children this week. The OfSTED inspector was  very impressed by all the hard work going on in class. It is all go with preparation for the Body Language festival. The over- arching theme this year is Superheroes and  Upper Dart's dance is based upon the superheroes within our family, carers and ancestors. This week we have been designing logos based on the characteristics and traits that inspire us  and looking at creating a family tree finale for our dance.

Please note spellings and homework are not on the website this week, but the children know what they have to do.

News w/c 6th February

On Thursday, Upper Dart had a fantastic opportunity to go and see the Hydro Electric Power Waterleat at Old Walls Farm. The Turbine in the river Webburn not only creates enough power to power the farm, but also the three surrounding villages! The ancient woodland supports a wealth of  animals including dormice, woodpeckers, otters and deer. It was really fascinating and inspiring to see different types or renewable energy being produced and used in harmony with the environment. Thank you very much for inviting us Gail and Miles Fursdon.



News w/c 23rd January

What a busy week we have had!  To end our lovely literacy on Incredible Edibles, the children have been trying out some wacky and wonderful recipes themselves.  I think Asher’s eyeball cupcakes and Grace’s strawberry and chocolate pizza sombrero are a must for any children’s party.

The children are impressing me every day with their ancient Egyptian knowledge, this week we have had the storyteller Steve Manning in school firing up the children’s imaginations with tales of Howard Carter’s tombraiding adventures. 

We have made a start on making our conopic jars in class, tune in next week to have a look at our finished creations.

News w/c 16th January

What a great week! Congratulations on your spellings this week Upper Dart you all did so well at learning them and we have also had some great Egyptian word puzzles back for home learning.   

We are all really enjoying the Incredible Edibles recipe book we are studying in Literacy at the moment,the children are going to design their own dishes next are in for a treat parents! In numeracy we have been looking at two great mathematicians this week - Fibonacci and Barvelle.

We have had a lot of fun using their mathematical sequences to generate patterns  in our own artwork.  Which is your favourite?


Upper Dart Homework 20th January


News w/c 9th January

The winter weather has been gradually building up this week and we finally got a chance to have a good play in the sleet and snow on Friday morning.

This week we have been learning about many of the pharaohs that ruled over Ancient Egypt and have shared so many interesting facts about this ancient civilisation already and we have only just started the topic. We have been studying geometry in numeracy this week and have realised that drawing  regular 2D shapes accurately on blank paper is a surprisingly difficult and complicated process.

In Literacy, we are looking at the 'Incredible Edibles' recipe book and are looking forward to trying out some of the recipes. To be honest ...I am not sure about some of these. I think I can do without trying the bum sandwich!

Upper Dart Newsletter Spring Term

Upper Dart Homework 13th January 2017

Upper Dart Homework 5th January 2017


Upper Dart News Autumn Term 2016

Christmas Festivities at South Dartmoor Community College - 19th December


W/C 7th November

We have been writing some fantastic stories this week in Upper Dart that are based on the beginning of the animation 'Black Face'.

The protagonist of the story is not a nice chap and I'm glad to say he gets his  comeuppance!


W/C 26th September

This week we have been investigating each layer of the rainforest, looking at how the animals that live there are adapted to suit their environment. One of the most interesting species we have studied are humans, the ultimate animal – the most successful species on the planet. The people of the rainforest have found some remarkable ways to adapt and survive in one of the harshest places imaginable. The children have really enjoyed comparing their way of life to that of a child living at the forest floor.

W/C 19th September

This week in Upper Dart the children have been working very hard to get to grips with written methods of addition and subtraction in numeracy as well as  investigating how to punctuate parenthesis in Literacy. In R.E this week we have been looking at spirituality and what this means to all of us. We have done some quick sketches of our spiritual thinking whilst listening to music and are planning some music, drawing and dances inspired by the theme of fairness.  The sun is shining bright on Dartmoor and we are making the most of working outside around the school and enjoying the weather. Here are some of our spiritual sketches for you to enjoy:


W/C 5th September

We had such a lovely first week back at school. The children have all been full of enthusiasm and eager to learn. We have had an exciting week of inspirational maths challenges and have started to do some research to find out about the fascinating creatures that live in our rainforests. We have also been adding the finish touches to the floral 2D and 3D artwork that is now ready to go on display at Widecombe Fair.

Please come down at have a look on Tuesday.



W/C 3rd July

On Thursday afternoon Upper Dart went up to an excavation happening in the village in search of the medieval North Hall Manor.They were very lucky to have Andy Crabb, the DNPA archaeologist and Andy Bailey from Natural England to show them around the dig and everybody got their hands very dirty! They took part in many activities including classifying and sorting the days finds; cleaning artefacts; using the metal detector to look for finds and excavating a trench. Everybody really enjoyed this opportunity to learn more about local history, look over the finds and learn some of the techniques of archaeology.




W/C 20th June

This week in Upper and Lower Dart we have been writing some persuasive letters to highlight the importance of recycling.  To continue this theme, we have been reusing and recycling our plastic bottles and using materials from the Scrap Store in Exeter to make some summer flowers.  Everybody loved making wonderful, bright and colourful creations.