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Library news and update end of Summer Term 2016

Library Club

- We re-launched library club in our new library space this half-term.

- Liberty Evans, Nancy Perrett and Tori Partridge spent every Monday tidying and re-classifying all the non-fiction and fiction books; completed video book reviews; read to each other and created a new library quiz for everyone in the school to do over the Summer holidays.

Library Quiz - Click here for a copy

- There is a link above to our quiz for your children to participate in over the Summer.

- Please print off and see how much you and your children can compete.

- A visit to your local library beckons!

- All completed quiz forms should be returned at the start of term and will be displayed in the library and earn team points.

Widecombe Primary School Library Summer Reading Challenge

- Everyone should receive a bookmark with their newsletter this week.

- If you haven't, please collect one from your Year 6 librarian, Liberty Evans.

- These bookmarks are to record with your parents all the books you read over the Summer.

- Books mean more books - so winners (who reads the most!) will receive a book token and have the chance to give a book review of the favourite book to be posted on the school website. 

- Please return your completed bookmarks - with your parents signatures - at the start of term in the post box in the hall.

Book cover artwork

- Make a picture of your most favourite book that you read over the Summer.

- The best ones will be displayed in the library at the start of the Autumn Term and receive team points.

New books

- All the suggestions made by everyone are being considered by the Library team and Mr Stokes.

- These will be purchased over the Summer - so watch out for some amazing new titles in our library next term.

Library club

- This will start again in the new term. Come be bookworms with us.

Happy summer reading from your library team.


Our new School Library was re-launched on Friday 6th May 2016.



The ambition of the refurbishment project  which took place between October 2015 and May 2016 was to re-imagine the existing school library space in an economic but exciting way.

We wanted to adapt it with imagination and create a library that could act as a powerful magnet and become a real destination point for all members of the school.

We wanted to draw people together to discover, share and read new and classic books on all kinds of subjects, telling all sorts of stories and give everyone at school the chance to fall in love with words and with reading.

Now the project is complete - time will tell if our ambition comes good but we had great fun in making it happen and it seems like everyone so far has fallen in love with their new reading and learning space.

We need to say a big thank you to the Year 6 librarians who made this project happen with their vision and enthusiasm - Jack, Liberty, Teyla, Bella, Jonathan & Charlie.

We also need to say thank you to the family and friends of the school who helped raised money to buy new books - and of course the school’s parent fundraising group, Friends of Widecombe School, whose fundraising efforts enabled the project to happen. Lastly to all the staff and especially Mr Stokes, Head of School, who kick-started the idea from the very beginning and encouraged us all the way.

Library Club will re-start in the second half of the Summer half-term. Parents Abi Evans & Emma Perrett will help run this together with the librarians. Anyone from years 4, 5 and 6 are welcome.

We will be sorting and re-shelving returned books; thinking of new displays and themes and having generally stimulating discsussions that arise from the books we read.

On this page we will share with you photos of our library space and book reviews written by all the children to celebrate the launch of the library.

Happy Reading. Widecombe Primary School library group.