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Our Ethos

Widecombe-in-the-Moor is a welcoming and happy school with an ethos of aspiration and achievement. We are located within the heart of the Dartmoor national park. The village of Widecombe lies within the beautiful valley of the East Webburn River. The name is thought to derive from ‘Withy-combe’ which means Willow Valley. In such a setting the children are encouraged to enjoy and respect their environment and we take every opportunity to involve them in educational activities concerning their local area.

The village is world-famous for its fair, which gave rise to the well-known folk song ‘Widecombe Fair’ and the characters of Uncle Tom Cobley and All. We are proud to play an integral part in our small rural community and are well known for our contributions to the show which includes a judged art exhibition and the Maypole dance.  The village is also home to the impressive St Pancras Church also known as the “Cathedral in the Moor”. The church plays an important part in the school life as a centre for annual school events such as the leavers’ service and also the rite of passage for year 6 leavers who, on their last day at school, get to climb to the top of the tower.

We encourage our pupils to achieve their full potential with success being recognised and celebrated in all its forms. As a school we aim to:

  • Ensure that learning is enjoyable, stimulating and fun.

  • Enable all children to be articulate, literate, numerate and creative through an enjoyable and stimulating curriculum.

  • Encourage an effective partnership between our excellent teaching staff, parents and the wider community to build the children' sense of connection to the world around them

  • Nurture children to become individuals who are able to live a safe, healthy and fulfilling life

  • Offer a warm, welcoming environment and learning community where every individual understands their roles and responsibilities and respects the views and opinions of others

As education moves forward those involved in it are constantly faced with exciting new challenges and demands, Central to all of them, however, must be the child - your child. Parents at Widecombe in the Moor are invited to form a partnership with the school to support and guide their child’s learning process.

To achieve this, good communication between home and school is essential and actively encouraged. Parents are encouraged to help in school through a wide range of activities including the Friends of Widecombe Association, who meet regularly and carry out many fund raising activities to provide necessary extras for the school. Parents are also represented on the Board of Governors

Our school is always evolving and we are constantly looking at ways we can improve the provision for the children. We have an excellent reputation and are very proud of our achievements. We trust this is apparent as you look at our website, when you visit our school, or when you talk to our children and parents.