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Lower Dart

Lower Dart (Year 2 & 3)
Mrs Sophie Mount Mrs Paula Reynolds


Autumn Term 2018


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Lower Dart classroom is a vibrant and welcoming place for the children. Our aim is to make learning a positive, fun and meaningful experience for everyone. A varied and rich curriculum is offered to the children and parents and carers are welcomed into the class.

News w/c 22nd May

This week has been incredibly busy.  We painted our instruments and used them in an amazing soundscape to go with our ‘Journey poems’. 


We had our last athletics session with Tammy Lethbridge, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.


On Wednesday we were fortunate enough to have a live streaming of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra to Upper and Lower Dart in the hall.  We listened to pieces of music by Elgar, Shostakovich and some fabulous film pieces, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Hedwig’s theme from Harry Potter and our ultimate favourite, the Imperial March from Star Wars.  Each of these had a secret message or leitmotif hidden in the music, which James Redwood helped explain.  Please see for more information. 


Hannah and I hope you have a lovely half term and we look forward to a very action packed last half of the summer term!

News w/c 2nd May

This week we turned our designs of our buggies into real Lego buggies.  Thanks to Alfie for lending us platforms and wheels.  We then had test the buggies on weight,  distance, durability (damage factor!) and speed, on a suitable ramp – the slide in the playground of course!  Utter carnage ensued as bits of Lego were strewn across the playground, but much fun and merriment was had by all.  We were testing to see if there was a relationship between how heavy they were and how far/fast they went.  Results were somewhat inconclusive, but congratulations to Tommy Tawny & Larry on having the buggy that went the furthest.  Theirs was also the heaviest.  Congratulations also to Alesha, for  the fastest buggy!!


News w/c 24th April

This week we have been finding fractions of amounts, quantities and shapes and equivalent fractions.  We have been writing a poem in the present tense about a journey down a river after a poem by Marc Martin and we have been looking a chain reactions video by Fischli and Weiss, "The Way Things Go".  The children will be doing their own chain reactions next week using Jenga and dominoes

News w/c 27th March

We’ve had a busy and exciting week, doing our final piece of writing (flying or breathing underwater – adventure story), our creature hunt for science (vertebrates or invertebrates) and finally our amazing trip to the Waterleat.  Thank you to Miles and Gail Fursdon for  an excellent and fascinating tour of their site.  We all learnt so much and the children have written some super thank you letters. 


Best wishes to you all and I hope you all have a fun and restful Easter break.

Miss Mount & LD

News w/c 20th March

Lower Dart have worked really hard on their maths and reading tests this week, but the highlight of the week was the CAP workshops.  The children really engaged with all of the things they can do to keep themselves safe, strong and free.  They have designed posters and thought maps after each workshop and we are sending these home so you can see what they have learnt.

River Dart Nature Day - 14th March

Our day at River Dart Country park on Tuesday was simply fabulous.  Our children were extremely well behaved and have learned so much from our adventures.  We were given opportunities to take part in many activities, including:  bug hunting (many mini-beasts were found, caught and re-released safely!) and our triumph from this activity was finding some baby newts, which were hibernating. 

We danced our way through the water-cycle and learned about how important the bog-moss on top of our moor is as it slows the water down and helps prevent flooding.  All the children got to make their own bird feeder, which can be re-used again and again.  The wettest, but possibly most fun activity, was the river dipping, where the children took turn to discover what lurked beneath the surface of the River Dart.

Many freshwater shrimps were found, caddis-fly larvae and other fascinating creatures were found and much admired.  Some might argue that the most gorgeous part of the day was seeing the baby owl and learning about the different owl species that we have in the UK.  We also got to meet a female kestrel and a male eagle owl, who were also delightful. The RDCP organisers were brilliant and had representatives from Devon Wildlife, RSPB and the South Hams Owl trust.  All in all, a wonderful day.

News w/c 6th March

Having finished our mummification instructions last week, the children wanted to bring mummification into their dance lessons and have started creating their own, exciting dance based on this.  We have also started writing our final instructions piece on a fictional idea.

News w/c 27th February

The children are now fully certified in mummification skills.  We have successfully ‘mummified’ five toys and then five children and have written detailed instructions in case anyone else needs to know how!

News w/c 6th February

This week Lower Dart have been writing our clock-tower stories, about a girl whose dress is a cog and she makes the whole world work and turn, but really she wants to be out of the tower some of the time.  The children have had to send her on an adventure to make sure she’s not in the clock-tower forever. (

In maths we have been revising addition and subtraction facts, moving on to formal written methods.


News w/c 30th January

This week we have been looking at Egyptian Hieroglyphs in topic and in science all about the different food types.  We have also been looking at our favourite meals to see if they are balanced meals!

News w/c 23rd January

Lower Dart have been looking at apostrophes this week, using exciting words in our vocabulary and the amazing Egyptian writing system  of hieroglyphs. 

Storyteller, Steve Manning with Lower Dart

We have also been looking at place value in maths.


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