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Here are some things the children have said about our school:-

“The minute you walk through the door you feel warm energy of friendship we have at this school.  We are thoughtful with our actions and if we break up a friendship we try everything we can to help.  I love Widecombe School – don’t you?”  - Dominic

“Our school is very kind and when you open the door you feel the warm energy around you” -  Lilo

“I think our school is great because all of the teachers make the lessons fun, you have loads of new opportunities and everyone is friendly.  Also, I know that if I have a problem I can talk to any teacher”  -  Liberty

“Our school is a great place to be because the teachers are very kind and funny.  The best thing is that everyone is lovely” -  Cosmo

“You should come to our school because everyone’s fun, kind, caring and friendly.  The teachers make every lesson fun but in a way where you’re learning and remembering what you’ve done!”  - Teyla

“As soon as you step into the school the warm friendly atmosphere hit you, also you are always supported” - Angelo

“I think we are kind and caring because we share and are friends” - Shohei

“I like this school because the teachers are really supportive and make all the lessons fun

“Our school is amazing because all the children are kind and hard working and the Christmas play is always fun”  - Sylvia

“I think the school has a loving and caring atmosphere and if you get stuck the teachers will happily help you all the time.  Everybody wants to play with you, so you are never lonely.  This school is the best” - Grace

“As soon as you walk into our school you feel the warm atmosphere of friendship” - Awen

I think that our school culture if fun, caring and very positive, because the older year are very caring to the younger years.  We go on very fun school trips that are very exciting, and that is a great experience for all.  I love Widecombe-in-the-Moor Primary School, I wish I could be here for all the years at school” - Sienna

“Widecombe School are very caring because if you are sad we will cheer you up.  Also we are really lucky, we have a swimming pool, deck hockey, outdoor classroom, pet day, afternoon play and lots more” - Jamie