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Webburn (Reception & Year 1)
Mrs Anna Perry Mrs Amy Phillips

Webburn Summer Term

News w/c 24th April

This week the children have been continuing their work on No-Bot, the Robot with no bottom.  The children have been really enjoying this book and are joining in with it as it is read to them.  We have had fun acting out the story, thinking up other ideas that the robots bottom could be used for and this week we have been thinking about who might use his arm and what they might use it for.  Ask your child what their ideas were.  We had suggestions such as a wing for a fairy, a protector for a unicorn horn, a telescope for a bird watcher.  Their ideas were very imaginative and varied. 

This week we have been remembering to do our mini-me challenges that are set up as a learning focus around the classroom.  We have seen some great marble runs being designed, some exploration of how to slow marbles down and speed them up as they roll down the pipes/tubes.  Children are really engaging with the emergency service role play area.  We have had all sorts of hospital emergencies.  It is great to see how they are keen to take care of each other and wrap the injured person up in bandages.

In maths we have been looking at time and adding 10, 20 and 30 to a number.  Reception girls have been adding one more to numbers to 20 and recording some additions that they have made using building blocks.  At the end of the week we welcomed Widdytots in to use our outside area. 

Webburn Spring Term

News w/c 27th March

What a fab week Webburn have had.  We have been watching our seeds grow and we all got take home our peas to look after.  We have been measuring the seeds and watching for signs of change.  We have trays of lettuce, onions, courgettes and carrots nearly ready for planting out in the raised beds around the school and in our poly tunnel.  If you have green fingers please pop in and give us a hand with transplanting after the Easter holidays. 

We have had two trips out and about this week.  We had a very kind invitation to Mark Jones's farm where we spent a wet afternoon in the shelter of the big barn.  We had a wonderful time.  We saw how the farmer had sorted all his sheep.  He had pens of ewes due to have singles, twins, triplets.  All the sheep and lambs were numbered and we had fun spotting numbers all the way up to nearly 100!  We then tried to match the ewe to the lamb or lambs.  We learnt about the different breeds of sheep.  We got to stroke the lambs.  The highlight had to be watching a lamb being born.  The ewe was one side of the gate and the children were literally right next to her.  Throughout the afternoon we got to see the mother lick the lamb dry so it didn't get cold and watched it take its first steps.  We met a man learning to be a vet.  The children were full of great questions and listened carefully to the answers. 

It was wonderful to see them being so inquisitive. 

We also went to Buckfastleigh primary school to perform our dance in front of their year 1 class along with Ashburton and Bovey Tracey schools.  We did some fun circle games, drawing, learnt a new super hero dance and performed our own as well as a chance to explore their playground.  The children did their best performance yet and got the biggest round of applause from about 100 other children.  They were very proud of themselves as were we.  Well done Webburn. 

We finished the week off with an Easter egg hunt and some Easter biscuit decorating. 

News w/c 20th March

This week has been another busy week, making Mothers' Day cards and gifts, joining in with workshops run by the Child Assault Prevention team where we learnt to stay SAFE, STRONG and FREE, practising our dance and squeezing in our curriculum as well. 

We are also continuing to celebrate pieces of home learning that just keep on coming in. We love celebrating what the children have been learning at home.  This week we have enjoyed real bread just as the Little Red Hen would have made it and some more fabulous, very colourful fairy tale castles. 

Next week we will be moving onto Easter activities with a trip to the lambing sheds and an Easter egg hunt. 

News w/c 13th March

Well what a busy but fun week it has been... Our highlight of the week clearly has to be our class trip to River Dart Country park where they put on an outstanding day out for us. We slopped on our wellies and waterproofs and what a good job too, as our favourite bit was romping in the mud and of course river dipping in the stream - it was a real test of whether our wellies were waterproof! 


We all enjoyed different parts of the day but some of the best highlights for all of us were finding our very own baby newt in the leaf dirt under a tree, catching superworm swimming in the stream, meeting the cutest baby owl you have ever seen (so so fluffy) and of course making our very own bird feeders to bring home. We are sure the children will be exhausted now until Easter after all that fun! We hope we can keep them going with more fun things planned in the lead up to the Easter holidays, including all our growing from potatoes to tadpoles. We have had a busy time lately!

News w/c 6th March

This week we have been sorting 2d shapes, making fun 3d shape characters from nets.  Comparing how shapes are the same and how they are different. We have been solving number problems of one more and one less such as there are 29 marbles in the jar and I add one more how many will there be. Reception children have been playing similar games to the year ones with people getting on and off the red bus. Consolidating their learning of one more and one less. 

In art we have been doing black line drawings of kings and queens from our fantasy and fairy tale stories and then painting them. Come and have a look at our royal exhibition.

We have also been busy planting seeds. It is exciting looking for signs of growth in our propagators. We have also been to the pond in the field next door after kind permission from Mark and Sharon to see the frogspawn. We have collected some and can't wait to observe what happens.


News w/c 27th February

This week Webburn have seen their reading area transformed.  Our aim is to make our already popular book corner even more inviting to the children. 

The addition of colourful drapes and fairy lights along with a puppet theatre is all set to continue to stimulate the children's love of books.  Our new literacy topic is all about non-fiction texts. We are going to base the next few weeks on a book about reptiles and then write our own non-fiction texts based on the children's own interests.  If you have any favourite non-fiction books at home please let your child bring them in to share with the class.   We are looking at the features of the such as contents page, headings, glossary etc.  Speaking of books we had a real mix of fiction and non-fiction book characters in school for World Book Day.  Everyone in Webburn took part in this and we had a great day 'in role'.  It led to lots of creative play and conversations and sharing of books. 

We have been so impressed with home projects being brought into school this week.  We have seen potions accompanied by amazing writing of the recipe and how to use it, a huge castle and some 'I can' slips being added to the display.  It is wonderful to see the children so motivated and so supported by parents.  This has promoted some class work of making potions in the gravel kitchen.  SO far we have potions to 'make you smell nice but only mummies are allowed it'. Potions to turn 'naughty people into ponies' and potions to 'make you fly'. We have been counting out quantities of cups of water, gravel, flowers, leaves, glitter and sequins outside in our gravel kitchen.  Come and look at our blackboard and books for the recipes. 

News w/c 20th February

The children have loved sharing their half term diaries with their friends this week.  What a super effort from the class.  They have proudly shared their hard work and it looks like they all had a great half term holiday with bike rides, pony rides, trips out, falling into streams, eating yummy food and catching up with family and friends.  Thank you for supporting them in this activity. 

We have had a busy week in the classroom.  We have started our new maths topics of geometry and place value.  The children have enjoyed having a go at the new challenges around the classroom, making fire breathing dragons, making their own puppet shows, finding 2D and 3D shapes around the classroom and writing their own fantasy stories. 

We spoke about our special toys, why they are special and how we keep them safe.  Today we had great fun with learning how to warm up our bodies ready for singing and we had a good go at singing along to a super fast tongue twister called 'Pop it on the head with a ping pong ball' we ended up giggling too much to sing!  See if they can teach it to you.

Apologies if your child has come home a little soggy or in spare clothing this week but playing with the fountain and all its different attachments has been very much a hands on learning experience.  If it's any consolation I got soaked too! We are looking forward to the weather warming up as well as the water!     

Half Term Homework

A diary for the children has been sent home with them, a further copy can be seen here.

I know some of you are keen for it and others are going to be thinking oh no!  Please do try to have a go at it, you might be surprised at how much you enjoy it as a family once you get going on it.  It is simply to just maintain the children's writing over the week as they are all doing so well.  You don’t have to fill it with amazing events.  Something like doing a jigsaw puzzle, listening to a story, watching a film, going for a walk is great.  If you don’t like this format and would prefer to do it on other paper then that is absolutely fine. 

Encourage children to be as descriptive as they can eg We made delicious pizza.  Use some exciting words. 

Remember your high five: finger spaces, capital letters, spellings, letter formation, punctuation. 

Bring them back to school during the first week to share with us all. 

News w/c 6th February

This week in Webburn we have begun to look at fantasy stories which will be the focus of our learning next half term too.  We have started off with a well known story 'Where the Wild Things Are'.  We have acted it out, made story maps and already we have made up our own version changing the main character and the setting.  The children all enjoyed this activity and are looking forward to doing some more on this after half term. 

We have enjoyed seeing parents at our parents' evenings and it is a great time to celebrate the children as unique individuals. We are looking forward to our sharing afternoon where we hope to  entertain you with our musical talents. 

The children can't wait for Friday, not because it is the holidays but because we have been planning a celebratory tea party for Brian aka 'Water Wizard' to say a big massive thank you for all his expertise, time and generosity with transforming Webburn's garden.  He still has plans and ideas, he has been looking after plants on our behalf and will be back when it warms up to help plant them out.  The children will be making cucumber sandwiches, scones, cakes, cups of tea and hot chocolate and hopefully we will have time to get outside for a play ready to start the holidays! 

News w/c 30th January

This week in Webburn we have been having a great time making up our own Fairy Tales.  We have thought of how it is going to start, which characters are going to be in it, the setting, the event/problem and a happy ever after ending.  We have rehearsed them and recorded them on iPads and made them into little books.  We are looking forward to sharing these with parents next week. 

In maths we have been looking at odd and even numbers and sorting numbers using Venn diagrams.  Next week we are having a big focus on writing the numerals to 20 along with the words hence this weeks spellings for year 1. 

We have been learning a simple song this half term in music and each week we have been playing along to it using glockenspiels, recorders and this week we are hoping to add in ocarinas. If you have a recorder at home please could it come to school in your child's book bag on a Wednesday and Thursday so they can use it.  We may be brave and perform it to you during next weeks sharing afternoon. If you are reading this and your child is not in Webburn you may hear it anyway!

Several children have proudly brought in their own homemade castles, crowns etc.  They have been varied and all incredibly impressive.  The children have loved showing their creations to the class.  Remember if you have done any of the activities on the ideas sheet then bring them in or write on an I can ..... sheet.  We would love to give your child the opportunity to tell us all about it.  The activities will carry on into next half term so if you need ideas for a wet day over half term have a look at the sheet.


News w/c 23rd January

Steve Manning captivated Webburn with his story telling, he started the afternoon by retelling the story of Jack and the beanstalk, a story the children have been using as a base for literacy and dance this half term. He got the children involved in the story telling, counting out beans, climbing up beanstalks and laughing at the giant and his counting skills.

He also told stories about a rabbit in the jungle and a story about how tortoise became king of the jungle. The hermit crab story about a crab who had burst his house in half because he had got too big. Hermit sang a song about his shell which all the children joined in with. He finished off with a story beginning Once there was a donkey .... Can your child remember what happened in the story?


News w/c 16th January

This week Webburn have been hearing lots of different versions of the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk.  We have had a great time acting out the story, creating a dance, completing character profiles, hot seating characters, building castles and writing out our own versions of Fi, Fi, Fo, Fum! Here are some pictures from our week. 

News w/c 9th January

Webburn have had fun learning about castles and we can now label all the different parts and build our own!

Webburn Nativity

Year 1 Spellings

Home Learning w/c 12th December

Webburn Home Learning w/c 5th December

Webburn News w/c 5th September

This week we have welcomed our three new reception children to Webburn.  They have settled in happily and the rest of the class have enjoyed getting to know them.  They have had fun taking part in Our Wonderful World topic, learning about the importance of plants, designing a garden, counting flowers and finding their way around the school.  What a great start to their school life. 





Our classroom is designed to cater for all our Reception and Year 1 children.  It is bright, welcoming and very well resourced; with an interactive whiteboard and two other classroom computers, along with role play area, carpet area for whole class and small group teaching and an adjoining cloakroom area for all our many coats and bags!



Children in Webburn spend their time taking part in fun and active learning activities, sometimes indoors, sometimes outdoors.  We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage with Reception and National Curriculum with Year 1.  We aim to make the children’s learning practical, playful and purposeful, helping the children to play an active role in their own learning and growing more independent as they do so. 


All of the children spend regular time learning through play and we have lots of lovely toys and resources for them to use during these times.  The children learn vital social skills such as sharing, cooperative play, turn taking and have the opportunity to explore their world through the valuable medium of play.


Corduroy lives in our classroom during the week and helps the children with their work.  On a Friday, he chooses someone from the class to go home with for the weekend. He carries a suitcase with him and a diary which the children use to tell us all about their weekend with corduroy! He has been on many adventures!